Specialist for veterinary rapid on-site diagnostics

Fassisi GmbH is a German manufacturer and developer of veterinary diagnostic rapid test systems in Göttingen, Germany. We manufacture our wide range of rapid test systems for small and large animals according to audited, international quality standards.

Our tests support you in your daily practice work with easy on-site test application, test results within minutes and reliable test quality.

The aim of all our products is easy, uncomplicated and fast application so that targeted therapeutic measures can be initiated immediately. Use as an acute diagnostic, as a screening product or for checking the vaccination titer cover the main areas of application of our rapid test systems.


Rapid test systems to diagnose small animal diseases

Our product range for small animals includes rapid test systems to acutely diagnose and screen for common diseases in cats and dogs. Thanks to these rapid tests, veterinarians can diagnose many different common diseases in small animals at the vet office or even on site, resulting in deciding on a therapeutic plan in a far shorter time. Since time is of the essence in many diseases, this improves the animal’s chance of recovery. Even verifying different vaccination levels of, for example, parvovirus or distemper is possible without any lab equipment thanks to Fassisi’s rapid test systems.

Rapid tests to detect diseases in livestock

Our whole product range regarding livestock and large animals includes rapid test systems as acute diagnostics, as screening products and to control the vaccination status. Our rapid test systems for livestock are specialized to detect common diseases in cattle and calves, piglets and pigs, lambs, horses and foals. Veterinarians can examine all livestock that show signs of a disease on site and can conduct quick analysis using rapid tests systems. Fassisi test strips to check the vaccination status are easily used as well, without any special lab-setup on site.

Fassisi products

Thanks to modern biosensorics technologies, Fassisi has developed standardized test systems for use in veterinarian clinics and also on site in stables without any additional preparation.

Contract development

Fassisi offers you a broad service for contract development, tailor-made tests and kits for customer specific parameters.

New test: CanVecto 4

Test for the detection of  Dirofilaria immitis antigens, Anaplasma  phagocytophilum, antibodies, Ehrlichia canis antibodies and Leishmania antibodies in dogs.

Product not found?

We are permanently working on the development of new, innovative, easy-to-use on-site diagnostics. If you have a product request, please feel free to contact us, perhaps your product request is already close to completion with us or we could include your product request in our development plan.